Getting Started

We offer several solutions depending on your needs.


  • If you have a Home Automation system that supports USB or a dedicated home computer running OSX, Linux or Windows and want to dedicated it to the task of watching and controlling your alarm, or you just need an Alpha Keypad to program your alarm this is probably the best solution.

Network Appliance

  • This is an all in one solution. It has our Ad2Pi board and a micro computer called a Raspberry Pi that can run on the battery of the alarm, POE or AC power. It connects to the local Ethernet network and allows access using our open source AlarmDecoder WEB interface. You can build your own or you can purchase a BUNDLE that has everything ready to install and start getting alerts from your alarm panel and controlling it remotely.


  • This solution works well with home automation systems that support RS232 or for commercial applications.

Further reading and specific help topics
  1. Make sure you've read the Normal Quick Start guide or Network Appliance Quick Start guide that was included with your AlarmDecoder.
  2. Check out the FAQ.
  3. Still unsure? Watch the Installation video guides.
  4. Having issues? Read the Trouble Shooting guide.