Assign Function Key Relay

Assign a Function Key to a Relay Action

First enter programming mode (Installer Code + 800)

Next enable the relay emulation module you wish to emulate on the AlarmDecoder settings - note emulating relays in existing addresses can cause conflicts.

Only emulate the relay number you need.


The first step is to assign a function key to a device activation

  1. *57
  2. Press the function key you want to assign (ex: D)
  3. Press * to continue
  4. Assign this key to 07 (Device Activation / Change Dev State)
  5. Exit

Then you need to map the output.

  1. *79
  2. Select Output number: 05 (example)
  3. Output Type 1 (Relay)
  4. Module Addr: 13 (2nd emulated relay on alarmdecoder)
  5. Position: 1
  6. Exit

Then you need to define the output action

  1. *80
  2. Select an unused output function number. Example "07"
  3. Activate by: Zone Type (2)
  4. Enter the Zone Type function key (66)
  5. For the Output Action, I've selected close for 2 secs (1)
  6. Output Number (I use the same as the Output function number: "07"
  7. Exit