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Feature USB Serial Embedded
Baud rate 115200 19200 115200
Power source[1] from panel from panel user supplied
Voltage ~12v ~12v 3.3v or 5v
Host connection Mini USB B DB9 female 2x13 female header Pitch 2.54mm
Power Consumption ~30mA
Polarity protection[2]
Expansion header
Enclosure [3]
CE self certified mark [4]

  1. Where the AlarmDecoder gets power needed by the device for its operation. Signal power is required from the panel for communications to the panel in all cases. Signal power may be supplied from an auxiliary source. See your alarm panels install manual for discussion on auxiliary power
  2. Signal power has polarity protection in all cases.
  3. UL94V rated plastic material used
  4. The next USB release will have a CE mark mid 2014