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Home Automation and using Webapp

Postby penright » Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:48 am

In particular HomeAssistant (HA).
Basic Question: How many devices can connect to Alarm Decoder (AD)?
Kind of where I am going with the question, if I have HomeAssistant connect, can I use other features of AD?

For more clarity, here would be an example of HA configuration.
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    type: socket
    port: 10000
  panel_display: On

kevin wrote:If you're only going to use it for HomeAssistant then that will work fine - if you want to use it with HomeAssistant and still use the virtual keypad or webapp software - I'd recommend going the 'socket' route with ser2sock

I found this "answer" while searching the forum. It give my question great context but did not fit the topic I found.
Reading that answer my guess would be Yes, assuming "type: socket" is ser2sock on the AD side.

Just looking at the ser2sock readme on github. The readme uses the term "sharing" and "across TCP/IP"

Can more than one IP device connect to just one serial port?

How does it work so that while HA is connected, the webapp is active also? Are they sitting on a layer that is exposing the different interfaces while it handling the com between AD and the alarm panel?
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Re: Home Automation and using Webapp

Postby kevin » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:13 pm

If you are using ser2sock configuration, yes, they both connect to the tcp socket and live in harmony with the device. The ser2sock application binds to the serial port and then multicasts to connected clients. This gives you the ability to not only control the device or read the state with the webapp, but also with anything else that can connect.

I think there is a limit of 10 connections, I'd have to review the code - it's up on github if you're interested.
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