Scantronic 98xx alarm systems

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Scantronic 98xx alarm systems

Postby VdR » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:28 am

I found the alarm decoder site because I was researching to make something similar for my older Scantronic 9870 alarm system. Scantronic is also known as Cooper Menvier and now Eaton.

So I'm wondering:
- anybody any experience with the Scantronic?
- what exactly does the AD2PI do; just hardware signal conversion to connect to the Raspberry Pi, or?
- could the AD2PI hardware possibly be used?
- could part of the Raspberry code possibly be used?

What I think to know:
The AD2PI connects to the Honeywell bus, that is an EPC bus, and that is an RS485 connection? That would be be similar to the newer Scantronic i-on systems that also use an RS485 connection. Protocols of course can be completely different. The Scantronic 9870 has a four wire bus with 12V, Gnd, Clock and Data. Maybe an I2C bus? If it is an I2C bus I should be able to connect that straight to a Raspberry?

An help to get me going is appreciated.

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Re: Scantronic 98xx alarm systems

Postby mathewss » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:47 am

We support DSC Power Series and Ademco Vista series and the board is looking at the 12v signals on the keypad bus. The GE panel we are looked at has an RS485 bus and we have an adapter already designed for that bus. I am not aware of your panel but as I have done for 10 years now if you send me a panel and keypad I will at least do my best to figure out what it is and if it may be possible to work with.
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