AlarmDecoder Firmware Version 2.2a.8 STABLE released!

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Re: AlarmDecoder Firmware Version 2.2a.8 STABLE released!

Postby TheBobC » Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:31 pm

I am putting together an alarm system, using some new parts (Vista 20p) and some parts from and old system that was in a box of stuff, specifically, my AD2USB that worked well when I had it in a system in 2014. In my new house, I have the alarm now working well, and have had a Vera Plus working for some time. This week, I took out the AD2USB and connected it to the alarm. I downloaded the virtual keyboard from here, as well as the new firmware. I also had to download the Mono framework, and then the 3.2.4 version of the same to get the keyboard to function on my Mac. I hooked it up to my mac and it functioned fine. Then, I upgraded to the 2.2a.8. While the upgrade was successful, now I am stuck with the keypad staying on the "Entering Running Mode Waiting First Message" I am able to control the system, and the log continually cycles "Disarmed Ready To Arm Chime" and "System Lo Bat" so I know it is communicating, but the Ready green button does not show, and the display never changes from "Entering Running Mode Waiting First Message". Can someone help?
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Re: AlarmDecoder Firmware Version 2.2a.8 STABLE released!

Postby mathewss » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:29 pm

Hmm. Very strange. I want to say maybe it is the keypad address mask but... Could you post the raw log details maybe 20 lines of it.

Also check your settings page to see that all of the masks are ffffffff and report back your config settings. You can use the LOG tab on the GUI and send a "C" command and it will spit back the settings string.

I expect somehow a bit got flipped in the settings during firmware update but this will figure it out.

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