Keypress events (aka "!KPE" messages)

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Keypress events (aka "!KPE" messages)

Postby latenitetech » Mon Oct 26, 2020 1:32 pm

I'm running AD2pHAT with an Vista 20SE panel (ADT Safewatch Pro 2000). I'm interesting in capturing 'Keypress Events' from my physical ADT keypad so my python-based home automation software can repurpose the 4 function keys on the physical keypad. Reading the protocol document, I'm led to believe I need to enable KPE messages via CONFIGBITS and then I should see !KPE messages when I press the physical buttons on the keypad. Specifically I'd like to be able to receive a message event within my python program whenever one of the function (panic) keys on the physical keypad is pressed. Obviously it's not working for me or I wouldn't be here.

To try to sort this, I'm using ser2sock and viewing the AD message stream via a putty window. My config string is:

I have a hunch this capability was never implemented as I would expect to see a "device.on_kpe_message" type event via the python library, but I can't find anything that seems to resemble that. What am I missing?

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