Email Notifications

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Easy email notifications with the AlarmDecoder Keypad software

Email Settings
  1. Configure your AlarmDecoder for your panel.
  2. Install and run the AlarmDecoder Keypad software and connect to the AlarmDecoder directly or via ser2sock
  3. Import your providers ssl keys if needed.
  4. Using the "System Menu" go into the "MyStuff" tab and configure your email settings and press test to verify the email is working
  5. Restart the Keypad software and arm/disarm to verify you are receiving messages

Easy email, sms, and many more notifications with the AlarmDecoder Web App
  1. Log in to your Web Appliance
  2. Go to Settings->Notifications
  3. Select New Notification
  4. Pick Type of Notification
  5. Fill out the form and test your notification - More detail Here