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11:57, 18 August 2019Ad2phat bottom.png (file)666 KB204.10.16.14 2
11:56, 18 August 2019Ad2phat top.png (file)684 KB204.10.16.14 2
13:41, 11 February 2019SIA-ContactIDCodes Protocol.pdf (file)86 KB10.10.0.12SIA DC-05-1999.09 standard1
11:26, 15 September 201806 alarmdecoder settings.png (file)85 KB10.10.0.12 2
20:55, 11 October 2017Banner6.jpg (file)50 KB10.10.0.12 1
11:43, 26 June 2017Dc power adapter installation.pdf (file)37 KB10.10.0.9Installation Instructions for DC Power Adapter1
11:37, 26 June 2017Ad2pi network appliance quickstart.pdf (file)434 KB10.10.0.9Quick Start guide for the AD2PI Network Appliance1
12:52, 16 June 2017Ad2quickstartv2.pdf (file)194 KB10.10.0.31Next revision added DSC info and a general overall improvement in layout design.5
14:33, 15 January 2016Panel revision.png (file)596 KB204.10.16.29 1
14:33, 15 January 2016Panel model.png (file)887 KB204.10.16.29 1
10:02, 12 December 2015AlarmDecoder Keypad App MyStuff GMAIL Settings.png (file)109 KB204.10.16.28It may be necessary to import gmail or your providers ssl keys.
18:22, 2 September 2015PC1864.jpg (file)196 KB204.10.16.29Same general design as 1843 and 1616.1
12:27, 24 August 2015Custom button on keypad.png (file)47 KB204.10.16.29Screen showing the custom button interface open on the Keypad page1
12:27, 24 August 2015Custom button list.png (file)16 KB204.10.16.29Screen showing a list of defined custom buttons for the user1
12:26, 24 August 2015Create custom button.png (file)10 KB204.10.16.29Screen showing the creation of a custom button1
12:19, 24 August 2015Diagnostics screen.png (file)22 KB204.10.16.29The AlarmDecoder WebApp Diagnostics Screen - Here you can test your device as well as show information about required modules.1
13:00, 2 July 2015LynxPlus pr.jpg (file)7 KB204.10.16.29L5100 panel. Set AD2* keypad address to 1.1
14:54, 24 June 2015Create user.png (file)22 KB204.10.16.29A screenshot of the user creation page.1
14:53, 24 June 2015User list.png (file)21 KB204.10.16.29A screenshot of the user management page.1
12:57, 24 June 2015Success device testing.png (file)15 KB204.10.16.29A screenshot of a device test successfully communicating.1
11:46, 26 May 2015Host settings.png (file)46 KB204.10.16.29An example of host settings page1
14:17, 21 May 2015Create camera.png (file)21 KB204.10.16.29An example of the creating a camera1
12:52, 21 May 2015Camera list.png (file)23 KB204.10.16.29An example of the Camera Listings1
12:46, 21 May 2015Custom example.png (file)63 KB204.10.16.29An example of a Custom notification configuration1
12:44, 21 May 2015Growl example.png (file)51 KB204.10.16.29An example of a Growl notification configuration1
12:30, 21 May 2015Notifymyandroid example.png (file)39 KB204.10.16.29An example of a NotifyMyAndroid notification configuration1
12:28, 21 May 2015Prowl example.png (file)37 KB204.10.16.29An example of a Prowl notification configuration1
12:20, 21 May 2015Pushover example.png (file)43 KB204.10.16.29An example of a notification configuration1
12:15, 21 May 2015Googletalk example.png (file)40 KB204.10.16.29An example of a Google Talk notification configuration1
12:12, 21 May 2015Twilio example.png (file)49 KB204.10.16.29An example of a Twilio notification configuration1
12:04, 21 May 2015Notification email example.png (file)80 KB204.10.16.29An example of an email notification configuration using gmail as example.1
11:47, 21 May 2015Notification common settings.png (file)76 KB204.10.16.29A list of the events that can be notified on from the alarm panel.1
11:45, 21 May 2015Notification types.png (file)18 KB204.10.16.29A list of current supported notification types1
11:42, 21 May 2015Notifications main.png (file)33 KB204.10.16.29Main interface for creating and listing notifications1
12:19, 20 May 201508 create initial account.png (file)52 KB204.10.16.29Screen showing creation of initial account on the AlarmDecoder WebApp1
12:14, 20 May 201507 device testing.png (file)40 KB204.10.16.29Tests to make sure your newly configured AlarmDecoder device is functioning correctly.1
11:22, 20 May 201505 network device settings.png (file)53 KB204.10.16.29On this page you are able to set the IP Address/Hostname and Port you wish the library to connect to a device shared on your network via ser2sock.1
11:18, 20 May 201504 ser2sock configuration.png (file)60 KB204.10.16.29Ser2Sock configuration via AlarmDecoder WebApp Presented are configuration path of ser2sock Hostname or IP Address of ser2sock ser2sock listen port SSL1
11:14, 20 May 201503 local device settings.png (file)91 KB204.10.16.29Local Device settings for AlarmDecoder WebApp Choose your device and baud rate If you choose "Share AlarmDecoder on your network?" You will be taken to a ser2sock configuration screen.1
10:53, 20 May 201502 device type settings.png (file)55 KB204.10.16.29Pick device type (AD2USB, AD2SERIAL, or AD2PI) as well as device location. Local device means the device is plugged in to the same computer running the WebApp. Network Device means you already have a device exposed via [ser2sock]1
10:43, 20 May 201501 initial setup.png (file)15 KB204.10.16.29The first screen you will see when connecting to your AlarmDecoder WebApp1
21:49, 28 February 2015Webappkeypad.png (file)92 KB204.10.16.28Keypad screen on the AlarmDecoder WEB Application1
15:38, 12 January 2015Case assembly doc.pdf (file)5.47 MB204.10.16.29Shows how to assemble the Ad2Pi case with a Raspberry Pi B+1
15:27, 12 January 2015Pibplus.png (file)1.31 MB204.10.16.29Picture shows how the Ad2Pi board attaches to the B+ version of the Raspberry Pi.1
14:58, 29 December 2014Ad2pi-iot-dia.png (file)41 KB204.10.16.29added info on WSGI port 50002
14:10, 16 May 2014PiGPIO (file)7 KB204.10.16.29Raspberry Pi gEDA pcb file for the next IoT device1
11:27, 23 April 2014Ademco2usb combined addon.png (file)11 KB204.10.16.29The AD2USB expansion adapter board1
11:17, 23 April 2014Ademco2usb combined eng.png (file)45 KB204.10.16.29Shows signal and connection info for the AD2USB board1
12:22, 6 January 2014Bb ad2pi.jpg (file)179 KB204.10.16.29 1
12:22, 6 January 2014Bb beaglebone.jpg (file)192 KB204.10.16.29 1

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