Panel Configuration

This document outlines panel programming procedures if any that are needed to allow communication with the AlarmDecoder

Ademco/Honeywell Systems

Except for older SE systems all devices on the alarm bus for this type of alarm panel need a unique address. No two devices connected to the panel can share the same address and in order for the AlarmDecoder to work properly the alarm panel needs to be programmed to assign an unused address for the device. By default the AlarmDecoder comes programmed for Address 18.

This video discusses panel configuration as well as physical connection to the alarm system

If you do not know your installer code or if you have a monitoring company you can request they add an additional keypad to your system and to have them tell you the keypad address they used.
The programming manuals for most of these types of panels are very simple to read. They cover all programming fields as well as the more advanced menu fields. Many of the programming manuals can be found here.
You can also get into programming mode in most cases by powering the panel up into programming mode as described here.
Once in programming mode you can activate an unused keypad address. For most panels this is done via programming fields 190-196 but can vary for each model of alarm panel so see your programming manual under KEYPAD OPTIONS for more specific setup steps.
If you have a Vista 15P or 20P and no keypad assigned to address 18 then the following programming command will show if the keypad at address 18 is already in-use: #191
  • To review a programming field on this model of panel you would use # before the field to return the fields values.
  • To change the value of a programming field you would use * before the field.

DSC Systems