Beta Releases


  • Temporary filter for numeric section of protocol. Max zone number on this firmware is 99.


  • FIX RFX timing issue.


  • Fix another bug in 'K' command. Reverting back to primary address on # or * keys in Ademco mode.


  • Release as current stable


  • Fix another bug in 'K' command. Not reverting back to correct address after sending a blank line. Spec is sending a blank link \r\n will reset to configured keypad address.


  • enable debuging


  • Fixed K command not reverting back to original config address after \r\n
  • small change in debug output when debug flags enabled.


  • AUI protocol limited to sending 20 characters. Now can send 72.


  • Changed from letter beta codes to git commit number.
    • The last revision using letters was 2.2a.8.7e
  • Fixed section #1 Chime bit state not tracked when real keypad changes chime mode.
    • The screen was also hidden from the host and showed "UNAVAILABLE".
    • It now shows "CHIME" when another keypad changes the chime state.
  • Improve K command
    • K command was not returning to the "configured" keypad address
      • This caused erroneous address show in "C" command or ! config.


  • DSC prog. mode section screen cursor now disabled to match real keypad


  • UNKNOWN messages for *1, *5 and *6 mapped to DSC_ message
    • *1 DSC_1801
      • No code configured [015]:5 will have a user id of 0.
    • *5 DSC_1805
    • *6 DSC_1806
  • bit #7(Bypass) loosing state when armed and entering * screen
  • bit #15(System issue) loosing state when entering * screens
  • bit #14(Fire) loosing state when entering * screens


  • Change CID for Trouble from 109 to 383 in DSC mode.


  • Arm bits in section #1 where loosing state when entering * screens in DSC mode.
  • Panel Busy messages in DSC mode when not needed.


  • Improve AC indicator response time in DSC mode.


  • Final stable release with full feature programming of DSC panels and LRR changes to now support full Contact ID reporting.


  • Removed VPLEX support
  • Change in LRR protocol. Now supporting full Contact ID for Ademco and DSC.
    • Added report code but it is only valid on DSC and is blank or FF on Ademco.
  • DSC Support now supports full emulation of all DSC keypad screens and programming modes.
    • Requires update to Keypad App for reverse HEX entry on DSC.
  • DSC Support for LRR Contact ID with no panel programming required.
    • CID report codes can be set in programming if needed.
  • DSC Keypad address is now two digit the first is partition second is slot. Default is 11 partition 1 slot 1 for DSC mode.
  • Ademco/DSC new support for putting custom configuration screens on real keypads or virtual controlled by host computer.
  • New CRC verified delivery wrapper for !XXX messages such as !LRR or !EXP
  • Minor fixes on EXP for Ademco
  • Minor changes in Config command removing verbose output
  • Fixed extra random character between boot message and start banner.


  • fixed missing AUI message output
  • Improved VPLEX support. RFX output LOOP1 or 4 and supervisory bit if EOL is wrong
  • small timing adjustment for circa 1991 SE panel SA4142AD


  • Initial VPLEX support
    • Connect V+ to 12V V- to GND and V+ to DI and make sure config mode is Ademco.
      • NOTE: only possible to connect to one BUS at a time for now so an additional AD2* is needed to monitor the VPLEX bus.
  • improved re-transmit handling with Ademco/Vista

Stable Releases


  • Major changes.
    • DSC.
      • The virtual keypad emulation is now identical to a real DSC alpha keypad including programming mode fields.
    • DSC/Ademco
      • Replaced LRR formate messages with new CID format standardizing alarm reporting across panel types using Contact ID.
      • Small changes in section #1


  • Bugfixes
    • Settings allocation bug
  • Notes
    • Shipping in all units built after October 2015


  • New Features
    • Missing DSC message
    • First dotted quad revision


  • New Features
    • DSC panel support
    • Compass download/upload support
    • Blinking LED now displays error codes.
    • New message type '!ERR' which can be retrieved by sending an 'e' to the AlarmDecoder



  • New Features
    • Keypad Address Mask
    • Long Range Radio (LRR) Emulation
    • Message deduplication