The current stable firmware is V2.2a.8. It is not possible to brick the AlarmDecoder but it can get into some states that make firmware updates difficult so be patient when updating the firmware in your AlarmDecoder. Flashing your device will not retain configuration settings.

Identifying your Board Revision

Use the images below to identify what revision of AlarmDecoder you have.

2.2 (AD2USB)
2.2 (AD2PI)
2.0 (AD2USB)

Checking your Firmware Version

You can retrieve the version information by connecting to your device with a terminal program (PuTTY, screen, etc.) and sending the V command.

A response will be returned with your current version information:



Board Revision Firmware Version Revision History Panel Support
2.2+ 2.2a.8.8 link DSC, Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.8.9b-306 link DSC, Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.8.9-303 link DSC, Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.8.7-297 link DSC, Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.8.7a link DSC, Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.8.5s link DSC, Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.8.3c link VPLEX BETA
2.2+ 2.2a.8.3b link DSC, Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.8.6 link *DSC(limited), Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.6 link Ademco Vista
2.0 2.1f.10 - Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.8.2 link Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.3 - Ademco Vista
2.2+ 2.2a.2 - Ademco Vista
2.0 2.1f.0e - Ademco Vista
2.0 2.1f.0d - Ademco Vista
2.0 1.0f.26 - Ademco Vista


Flashing new firmware will not retain device configuration settings
There are a few different ways to go about flashing your device.
  1. Make sure that you have completed the installation and can communicate with your device through a terminal program. (PuTTY, screen, etc.)
  2. Download one of the available programs or use the built in firmware uploader in the AlarmDecoder WebApp
  3. Download your desired firmware from the choices above.
  4. Flash the firmware
    • AlarmDecoder WebApp
      • Settings -> Advanced -> Firmware Upload
    • AlarmDecoder Keypad
      1. Navigate to System -> Firmware Upload
      2. Select the firmware file to upload.
      3. The program will start uploading automatically.
    • Console firmware uploader
      1. firmwareupload COM6 115200 firmware.hex
    • ad2-firmwareupload
      1. ad2-firmwareupload firmware.hex /dev/ttyUSB0 115200
  5. Confirm communication with your device.
  6. Reset your device's configuration by sending ! and going through the prompts.