AlarmDecoder Keypad

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The AlarmDecoder keypad program creates a realistic advanced keypad on any computer running Windows, OSX or Linux. With the open source plugin API, and provided plugins, it is simple to configure free email alerts on alarm events as well as perform other automation tasks. The program will run on Linux, OSX, Windows and other operating systems that support C# and Gtk#.

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  • Open Source Plugin API
    • C# examples included
  • Network connectible
    • Can act as a ser2sock server allowing access to the attached AlarmDecoder to network
    • Can connect to each other or a central server using multiple instances or connecting to a ser2sock server
  • Works with touch screen, mouse or keyboard input
  • Logging with date and time stamp
  • AlarmDecoder firmware update utility built in


Extensions can be loaded or unloaded using the about screen and install plugin menu.
  • mystuff
    • Example extension, emails events
  • Program Downloader
    • Download programming from 15/20p panels
  • Zone Tracker
    • Helps in detecting of zone closing on some zones
  • HTML5 web browser tab
  • Webcam viewer tab


Operating System Version MD5
Windows 2.0.10 052e0415e55e9ea71a506cf109931a11
Linux 2.0.10 e676236858f1cb11cbe122015b38450b
Mac OSX 2.0.10 d1ae7f6a3ab49d93cedf399fbd3b98c7
Raw files no install 2.0.10 0014c98e3e1409cb49a5e10451b1a702
Update DSC support 2.0.10 d38eb8114abf8e32219902a7eff5d50d


The Windows installer will add most or all of these requirements automatically. For Linux and OSX install the required components before running the app or attempting to install.


When you first run the program you will need to set the configuration to communicate with your AlarmDecoder device. You can do that from within the program in the "System Menu" or by directly editing the text config files: mysettings.conf or alarmdecodergui.exe.config. The application must be restarted in order for config file changes to take effect.