Alarmdecoder SmartApp not working with new Smarthings App

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Re: Alarmdecoder SmartApp not working with new Smarthings Ap

Postby jsl » Tue Feb 15, 2022 9:21 pm


Thanks for the quick email response to my personal SmartThings AD2IoT key request!

I went ahead and purchased a ESP32-DevKitC, but I got the ESP32-WROOM-32U instead of the ESP32-WROOM-32E because those still are not available. The only difference between them seems to be the lack of a built-in antenna on the 32U. Anyway, it arrived this afternoon and I flashed it with the stsdk image as specified in the GitHub README and it comes up on my network. I have it talking to my AD2Pi via "ad2source socket", but I cannot configure the st settings because it does not have a microSD card and the software seems to want to put the settings there. I get the following errors when I try stpublickey:
!IOT: E (245163) STSDK: _cli_cmd_stpublickey_event: nvs_open_from_partition err 4367
!IOT: E (245163) STSDK: _cli_cmd_stpublickey_event: nvs_set_str err 4359Failed setting value.

I also tried the webui image and it gives a 404 error because there's no root filesystem. The following errors appear during startup:
!IOT: N (673) Mounting uSD card
!IOT: E (703) sdmmc_common: sdmmc_init_ocr: send_op_cond (1) returned 0x107
!IOT: E (703) UARTCLI: Failed to Mounting uSD card err: 0x107 (ESP_ERR_TIMEOUT).FAIL.

I'm assuming that there's probably a way to use the internal flash to provide a filesystem, but that would require me to modify and re-build the code. I am not opposed to working this, but I thought I'd ask beforehand whether somebody else has already done it.

It looks like this forum has not been very active lately, so I'll try emailing this to you as well.

Best regards,

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Re: Alarmdecoder SmartApp not working with new Smarthings Ap

Postby andern » Fri Feb 25, 2022 2:36 pm

I have the AD2Pi and see that i need to get a ESP32 to have it work with the new Smartthings APP. The question I have is that Smartthings released the new EDGE drivers and was seeing if that would would have the ability to work without the additional ESP32 or is this already working on EDGE drivers and this is the only way right now?
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