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AD2Pi Hubitat Hub Intigration

Postby raidflex » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:35 pm

I switched over from Smartthings to Hubitat about 6 months ago and have moved over all my devices. I currently have a AD2Pi setup and with help from the Hubitat community have ported most of the ST app/driver code to work with Hubitat. But there is still one part left, which is the Hubitat Safety Monitor integration. This is equivalent to SHM on ST. In its current state the ported app allows me to arm/disarm the system from the Hubitat Safety monitor. But if I arm/dism from the keypad, the Hubitat Safety monitor's status does not update. Not being a developer I am looking for some assistance in both finishing the integration of Hubitat Safety Monitor and also cleaning up any old ST code that is not needed anymore.

I appreciate any assistance with this Thanks.

Below is the ported Hubitat app/driver. ... armDecoder

This is some info app/driver porting and HSM. ... -api/934/3 ... ubitat/812
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