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Postby trialnerror » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:54 am

I'll be following this to see if you can learn anything more. I also have ADT Pulse (on a safewatchpro3000, vista20p clone) and it's one basic strength over the stock AD is the ability to notify on zone fault/restore for any zone that doesn't set off the alarm, regardless of armed state or the zone connection being hardwired or RF. It also tracks which user disarms the system. This is important to me as I need to continuously track a mix of hardwired and RF zone type 23 (no alarm) and zone type 04 (interior) zones regardless of arm status.

After researching the AD docs, I believe AD can perform similarly, i.e., track RF zones when armed (RFX message) and report the user who disarmed the system (LRR message). These just aren't programmed into the current version of the Webapp so they can be used for notifications.

The AUI messages may be another way to grab this info. Researching I found some of the same info you did:

- The HSPIM attaches to the keypad and power terminals on the panel (just like AD) and to RS422 cabling from the Pulse hub.
- The HSPIM is given two AUI addresses, device addresses 5 & 6 (AUI 3 and AUI 4)
- The panel firmware has to be 9.01 or higher

So the secret sauce for complete zone tracking from a single message source may be in the AUI messages. Of course it may also be in the ADT custom panel firmware. Programming is not 100% identical to the 20p, but I'm hoping the firmware isn't the key. I just picked up a cheap vista20p panel to test in anticipation of my ADT contract expiration, and I'm hoping to get AD reporting up to the level of Pulse before then ;-).

PS. I also don't see any LRR messages. Haven't looked at enabling that yet.
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