Zones showing faulted/restored when door open

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Zones showing faulted/restored when door open

Postby frogger77 » Mon May 18, 2020 8:44 am

I've decided to abandon SmartThings integration, which had not been working for me for quite some time. I'm now trying to setup HomeAssistant and seeing it reporting as open/closed every few seconds in HomeAssistant.
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The sensor is an RF 5822T, installed and working for a few years. I saw a note that firmware v8.9 fixed an issue with 5800 sensors, so I updated it about an hour ago. The behavior changed, it seems like it's faulting & restoring faster with v8.9, compared to 8.8.

I am seeing an RF garage door constantly faulting and clearing in the log.
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My settings:
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