Vista 21ip can't get past panel type

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Vista 21ip can't get past panel type

Postby DJWilk » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:27 pm

Hi all, first off let me apologize for being a total newbie... :? I just received the AD2Pi Network Appliance and got it all installed and running. I was able to get into the alarmdecoder.local/setup/device on my web browser and have got to the third screen and seem to be stuck. Here's what I have:

Keypad Address

AlarmDecoder Address Mask

Webapp Address Mask

Zone Expanders

Emulate zone expander #1? yes

Emulate Long Range Radio? yes

When I go to the next screen I get:

Device Testing
Opening device ✔
Saving device configuration ✔
Keypad communication (Send) ✘ Check wiring and that the correct keypad address is being used.
Keypad communication (Receive) ⚠ Test timed out.

I've set up keypad address 18 (*191, 1, 3) on the panel. What am I missing???
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