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Postby mgreinke » Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:17 pm

Anyone on this board familiar with Custom Notifications? The documentation is rather light. I'm trying to send something like the following to a webserver that can process the request that indicates a zone fault or restore. The full post to the webserver including the URL, Path and variables would look something like this....


The tail end of this long string includes the URL encoded variables for the zone # and whether its faulted or not.

As I said, the documentation is very light and I've had very little luck deciphering Webapp Custom Notifications through hours of Google searches.

My goal is to create a temporary workaround for the current inability to interface the Alarmdecoder with Smartthings. By using Custom Notifications and Webcore, these WebApp generated notifications can trigger Smarthings events through Webcore pistons.

At this point, if been trying to reverse engineer by looking at Wireshark logs but this has so far been fruitless.

Kudos to anyone who can offer assistance.
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