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Postby vinman109 » Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:49 am

I’m about to ‘link’ my ADT installed system, which is the Safewatch Pro 3000EN to my running OpenHAB server instance to do all the cool things that are possible once OpenHAB is receiving the signals from the Safewatch Pro sensors. I’m currently considering going with one of the Alarm Decoder, Konnected or Envisalink boards. If I choose to go with Alarm Decoder, which I'm leaning towards, I need to decide between the AD2USB and the AD2SERIAL option. The PC that AD2* device would connect to is running Linux CentOS 7.6 as the host OS. There are plenty of USB ports but no COM/Serial ports. I'm fine with adding a COM port to the motherboard if needed but just not sure of the pros/cons of going with either the serial or the USB model of the AD2* devices. Are they identical apart from the interface? One thing is that I have about a 20 foot run from my PC to my where my alarm system is and I think USB max runs should be about 10'.

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