[ST] Updates not flowing back from PI

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[ST] Updates not flowing back from PI

Postby miketuck » Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:05 am

I am at a loss - I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything (which was a huge pain) and cannot get the updates to flow automatically back from the PI to the ST hub.

I get this error message in the Alarmdecoder app logs:

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2019-08-18 09:59:32,359 INFO: Background notification function UPNPPushNotification._send_notify_event() finished with BadStatusLine('No status line received - the server has closed the connection',) line 657. [in /opt/alarmdecoder-webapp/ad2web/notifications/types.py:454]

NOTHING shows up in the ST IDE logs

If I do a refresh pull from the app it works fine.
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